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We make real food nutritional mixes that are high in protein and low in carbs and sugars for people who refuse to take ageing lying down. People who may need a little extra protein and fibre boost of a morning. And anyone who may eat a little less than previous years. 

How it started, a word from the founder

Project Protein started out as my own personal attempt to not take getting older lying down. 

I started making my own homemade protein supplements from real food ingredients as a way to increase the protein in my diet. What started out as my own thing quickly expanded to friends, family and coworkers all becoming part of the "project" and that is where we are today, helping support you towards a more active and healthier way of life.




As I’ve gotten older I definitely eat a little less than before and my muscles have started to tire a little.


After varying success of trying the protein powders out there I decided to back and making my own again, coupled with some light weights  and a bit resistance training.


As a working chef it just natural for me play about with natural ingredients that would help me add more protein, fibre and focus into my diet. One thing led to another and I staring making my own blends that could used to sprinkle mix or blend onto my breakfast or into a pre gym smoothie.


This proved to be personally successful for me. Losing weight and feeling much more energised and strong than in previous years.




Is this something you can relate to or does sound like someone you know.


Project Protein is for you if you:



  • refuse to take ageing lying down
  • need to get a little more protein and fibre into their daily diet
  • who may eat a little less than previous years
  • Would like to sustain an already active lifestyle







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