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wholefood nutrition for your everyday

Stay Stronger For Longer

  • 17g protein
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Stay Stronger for Longer


By using whole foods, we are able to offer you a comprehensive nutrient profile that includes vitamins, minerals, fibre, and other valuable compounds naturally found in whole foods. Elevate your daily routine with our convenient and manageable whole food protein mixes.


Achieve your fitness goals with our nutritious shakes, specifically designed to bridge the protein gap. Whether you are engaging in strength training or simply looking to enhance your overall health, our shakes are the perfect companion. They have been formulated to support muscle development and provide the essential protein boost your body needs. Embrace the power of science-backed nutrition today!


In today's fast-paced world, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet can be a challenge. You're not alone in wanting to prioritise your well-being, and we recognise your desire to make nutritious choices that support your health and fitness goals. In developing Padres Wholefood shakes, our aim was to enhance the calorie-to-satiety balance by optimising the content of protein, fibre, and healthy fats —essential nutrients that play a key role in helping you feel fuller for longer.

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